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Getting Help From United States Curling Association:

 ** REMEMBER: National Championship registration requires each individual on a team to register and complete their consent forms and requirements (such as proof of citizenship for events that lead to a world event). **




All event registrations must be completed through the Sports Signup (SSU) system. For questions contact the USA Curling national office at 888-287-5377 or email Proof of citizenship can also be sent to that email address.

* New accounts: Accounts are family-oriented: one or two parents and their children. First-time users are required to create an account first, before registering, for an event. Registrants must be age 18 or older. Parents/Guardians are responsible for registering minor participants.  

* Payment types:   USA Curling accepts Visa/MasterCard and Debit Cards. Individuals should enter their own credit card information during online checkout (checkout must be completed before 11:59 p.m. Central Time on the entry deadline date). If paying out of a team account, and not all team members have the team's credit card number, by completing a USCA Credit Card Authorization Form  and returning it to the National office well in advance of your event deadline date and time, we can apply the payments as the other team members enter (office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, M-F excluding holidays). Be sure to communicate with others on your team to avoid duplicate payments that will require a refund follow up. Each individual’s payment will be applied separately to his or her own registration and a $10 discount will not be given to any individual who does not complete their registration by the Early Registration Discount deadline.

* Team rostering:   Team members will be manually rostered together, as soon as possible after registration and eligibility verification has been completed. After being rostered, registered individuals can view names of other members on their team that have also successfully completed registration, through a special link located within his or her Sports Signup (SSU) account. Team members will not be rostered if registration requirements are incomplete. Events with the closest deadlines will be given primary administrative attention.  

* Registration requirements:   All team members (excluding fifth players) must be completely registered and full payment of all registration fees and acceptable proof of citizenship (for events leading to a World competition) must be received at the national office prior to the event deadline date and time. It is the athlete's responsibility to see that all requirements are completed by the entry deadline date. Competitors are required to be familiar with the rules. The USCA Rules Book is located online at (see "Events - Championships - Rules").  


* Register early:   Incomplete entries or those in progress when the deadline occurs are automatically eliminated by the system. Event deadline cutoff time is 11:59 pm   Central Time   . The National Office closes at 5:00 pm. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO ENTRY DEADLINES. IF REQUIRED INFORMATION IS NOT RECEIVED BY THE DEADLINE DATE AND TIME, THE TEAM WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE. TO AVOID ISSUES, TEAMS ARE ENCOURAGED TO REGISTER AND PROVIDE THEIR INFORMATION TO THE USCA TWO WEEKS BEFORE REGISTRATION DEADLINE.  

* Uniforms:   Note Rules Book "Uniforms" "Advertising, Cresting" information. At all levels of play (playdowns), competitors are encouraged to wear like uniforms. At USA Curling National events, players are required to wear like uniforms.  

* Fifth player (and optional coach) registration:   No fee is required of fifth players. Fifth players should register in the "Volunteer to work with a team" section of the appropriate registration site. Coaches must register for USCA Coaches Association membership and complete their requirements (information follows below) but may optionally register within a particular event under the "Volunteer" section to be rostered to the team and see who else on the team has completed their registration requirements. Individuals must checkout to complete the registration process. Fifth players may be registered early but remain "undeclared" as long as proper notification is provided via phone or email and a confirmation is given. Players eliminated from competition are eligible to become another team's registered fifth player at a subsequent level of play. Teams registering five players upon entry have NO option to add an additional player for any reason except at the World Championships as noted within the Rules Book. Alternate registration sites will be provided for registering fifth players or coaches "Post-Deadline."  

* Coach registration:   Coaches must register for the USCA Coaches Association and complete their requirements which are as follows:

A welcome letter with information will be provided after registration has been completed.

* Rules Book:   Players are required to be familiar with the rules. The new Rules Book 13 final 11-14-13.pdf is now available (Oct. 2013). The list of updates to the rules can be found here: 2013-14 RB edits list dl 11-14-13.pdf. Event information can be found on the USA Curling website under "events."

*Code of Conduct: You can find the latest version of the code of conduct here: USCA Athlete Coach Code of Conduct 2012 - vf.pdf



 * Online registration system security:   The entire registration process occurs over a secure server using the highest security currently available.