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Refund Policy

Refunds, if provided, must be handled by United States Curling Association directly (they are not handled through SportsSignup).

All entries are "PENDING" until the team rostering process has been completed. Team rostering refers to the process of electronically listing or tying team members together so those with approved applications (all required information has been submitted and approved) will be able to view each others names on a team roster. A submitted application is either pending or incomplete. Once an application has been successfully submitted, a confirmation notice is generated. After rostering has been manually completed, a link appears within a registrant's Sports Signup (SSU) account. Events with the closest approaching deadlines are given administrative priority. Please review your event application requirements (found in the USCA Rules of Curling & Competition at > Events > Championships > Rules) to ensure that you have complied with the rules and submitted all of the required information, documentation, and payment. USCA REFUND/WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Teams that withdraw from events that they registered to compete in will not receive a refund. Certain teams may qualify for an exception under the following conditions: 1. Event was cancelled due to a lack of entered teams (team does not wish to travel to a proximate region to compete) 2. Online registration “system” errors (administration confirmed) 3. Registered and is unknowingly ineligible because his or her club is not a member of USA Curling 4. Certain hardship exceptions (evaluated on a case by case basis) All refunds will have online processing fees deducted. Individuals declared by VP Championships/staff administrator, as eligible for a refund and withdrawal from a championship event, must submit a written request, including complete contact information, specific event title and region (if applicable), and amount of the entry fee paid. Refund request can be sent to: entries@usacurl or or faxed to 715-344-2279.

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